Pregnancy and Postpartum Support
We live in a society that sends us a lot of messages about the joyful and magical experience of motherhood. But for many of us there is also a huge range of other experiences and emotions that come along with being a mother. With total acceptance and non-judgment I work with mothers to navigate their own truths, to learn to listen to their own wisdom, and to find the support they need to thrive as mothers. I also work with women to process, integrate and heal trauma associated with giving birth. I am a member of the Franklin County Perinatal Support Coalition and a trained MotherWoman facilitator.

Grief and Loss
Losing a loved one is an overwhelming experience and it can feel very difficult and scary to open the door to all the emotions associated with grief.  I work to create a space together with my clients that can hold the unique responses that each individual might have following the loss of a loved one.  I currently volunteer as a Healing Circle Leader for Comfort Zone Camp, a weekend bereavement camp for children ages 7-17 who have lost an immediate family member.

Going through a traumatic event can be disorienting and destabilizing. Using my training in Progressive Counting, Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment, DBT,  as well as various mind-body methods, I work with clients to find solid ground and integrate their traumatic experiences.